Saturday, February 11, 2017

OPPO F1s: Valentine’s Dream Date

Valentine’s Dream Date

I  am a work at home mom and working home-based for 20 hours a day from Monday to Friday is literally no joke. I need to be serious in all the task given to me plus the fact that I have to take care of the family. I believe that parenting and earning for the family sometimes has to be equal for husbands and wives. I don't have issues on who is earning more. This Valentine's Day, I would like to honor my husband who has helped me a lot and fulfilled most of my short comings especially for the kids and our home. Yes, sometimes I am too tired and would want to sleep but he never woke me up if the kids needs assistance in the morning. He will be the one to fulfill the duty that I should be doing. 

We've been together for more that a decade and seven years. For that, I would like to give him a Valentine's dream date that he deserves. I would like to give that day just for him. He is just simple that even a simple holding hands while walking at the market is good enough for him. Well, this time, I want something special for my man.

I have a concert ticket of "Love Rocks" by Dan Hill and J Michaels at Resorts World Manila on Valentine's Day and that would be a perfect gift for him. But you know what? The greatest gift one can give is not any material thing,,, it is spelled as T-I-M-E. Because if you give time to someone, it would also mean that you care, that you love that person, and they are important to you.

I would like that moment to be special for the both of us and remembered until we reach our old age. That is why for me, OPPO F1s is the perfect selfie partner to capture that moment. Why? 

OPPO F1s has 16MP Front Camera that can capture our moment together, even it is night time (concert night), it can provide more light and more detail making our selfies more memorable.

It has a 13MP Rear Camera that I need to document the wonderful places even at night. I don't have to worry about blurred or dark pictures / scenery anymore!

I don't even have to worry posting our "ATM" or At The Moment posts at social media sites, because I am confident of my phone's 3GB RAM which is faster than any other phones.

And here's what I love most about my phone, it has BEAUTIFY 4.0 that is built-in as an additional feature. We won't look haggard even if we are tired roaming around and braving the traffic at the streets of Manila. Our pictures will still look fresh and fab.

This coming Valentine's Day (February 14th), I know that this would be a Valentine's Dream Date that both of us will never forget. Don't be pressured on buying expensive gifts or taking your loved ones out on a date in a fancy restaurant. You can just have TIME and OPPO F1s. Because OPPO F1s is a Selfie Expert indeed! How about you, what is your Valentine dream date?

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