Monday, September 5, 2016

Nail.a.holics Gel Polish and Paraffin Wax experience

Gel Polish and Paraffin Wax experience

     It’s almost two decades ago when I gave up having my manicure done once in a while. Well, I’ve been married for 17 years now, a mother of 2 kids and working home-based. Thought that a good manicure wouldn’t even last for at least 3 days because... 1) I need to wash the dishes and keep the kitchen and house tidy, 2) Need to wash the clothes for the family and 3) I am just at home and nobody seemed to care if I don’t have my nails done. And by this, I always end up using a nail clipper and that’s it! I know some of you might agree with me on this, or maybe a full-time mom can relate. But my views on having a manicure and pedicure have changed until I learned about a new nail polish style which is called “GEL POLISH”. Told myself that I have to try this! I need to be in style even if I am just working at home, need to pamper myself once in a while and so are you girlfriends! Do you agree on this?

     Good thing Nail.a.holics offer Gel Polish. Unlike the traditional Nail Polish that we apply on our nails after cleaning, this uses gel technology and with the help of UV light or Ultraviolet light, your nails will be easily dried upon and will help the gel polish stay longer up to a month! No cracking, no fading even if you will do the dishes or wash the laundry for several times! Wow! I am amazed that I don’t have to worry every week and go to the salon just to have my nails done.

A very cozy place for pampering

I brought my daughter along for a mom and daughter bonding at Nail.a.holics Nail Salon and Spa. My daughter loves her manicure and pedicure; she likes the hand and foot massage too! They had been so careful not to hurt those little nails.


While she enjoys being seated at the couch, I am already having my mani and pedi as well. After the cleaning was the gel polish, my hands and feet are placed into an Ultraviolet light apparatus for 90 seconds each and after every gel application. I am so amazed how my nails looked so smooth and shiny. Really, I never thought that my nails could be so fabulous.

Since my hands and feet are always tired from working, it’s time for a Paraffin wax! My hands and feet are dipped thrice on a warm paraffin wax and covered for 15 minutes. After the wax has been removed, I can feel that my hands and feet has been so relaxed and super smooth.

Now time to cover!!!!

The staff is so courteous and they have been extra careful on handling their clients, truly, they will give you the best pampering you deserve. Overall, I would give Nail.a.holics FIVE STARS! I love the experience and would like to try all their services.
Staff of Nail.a.holics SM City Baliwag

Here's a short video of my Nail.a.holics experience

They have so many services and packages to choose from:

You too can have the best nail salon and spa experience plus, this is also a great way to bond with your family and friends! Thank you so much Nail.a.holics for the best pampering experience!

- SwitiRohSays -

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