Friday, September 23, 2016

ASCENTO PARFUM: Love the Scent

Love the Scent

     August 2016 my husband and I received an Ascento Parfum gift from a friend. Mine is Bvlgari Amethyst and D&G Light Blue for my husband. We sprayed a few until we fell in love with the scent. Both perfumes has its distinct fragrance that won’t irritate you especially your nose but you will be delighted that with just a few sprays, it will leave you feeling fresh and will change your mood. Why am I telling you this? Because whether you are having a bad day or just want to experience new scent from day to day, Ascento Parfum will surely get you into the mood of being active and empowered by the scent of your perfume.

My Ascento Parfum Collection

Lady Million Paco Rabbane
D&G Light Blue

Bvlgari Amethyst

And I also got one for my purse!

     I am so happy using Ascento Parfum that's the reason why I immediately asked the person who sent those perfumes and also the one who gave it to us as a gift. I like the product and the scent is very good which leads me asking if I can also share and sell the product to others. What I also love about Ascento is that you can choose based on what particular scent you want for the day, if you want a sporty, romantic, or even sweet scent to start and end your day. Now I am being so curious to ask about more of the awesome product. ASCENTO Parfum has recognizable similarities to other leading brands and is far less expensive! ASCENTO Parfum is a French-inspired perfume that will give lasting fragrance released by ASCENTO Corporation. Ascento is owned by Atty.Marie Liza Chagas with office at RM 202 2/F GEMPC BLDG BRGY. SACRED HEART, TIMOG AVE., QUEZON CITY. I also asked what the variants are, but for Ascento 50ml parfum that I have, it is 22% Oil concentrate.

They have 3 types of parfum:

#1. Eau de Cologne: Water-based perfume that last up to 1hour
#2. Eau de Toilette: Alcohol-based perfume that last up to 6hours
#3. Eau de Parfum: Oil–based perfume that last up to 24hours

These are the scents that you can choose from:

If I love Ascento Parfum, how am I going earn and what are the benefits of being a Distributor?

1. Products
2. D.S.A.P. 70%
3. 40% Discount Lifetime
4. Accident Death Benefits worth P50, 000.00
5. Weekly Commissions. BDO/BPI
6. Online Business Account 24/7
7. Training and Seminars
8. L.P. – 25 Bottles + 2 Tester Set P.P. – 8 Bottles
9. Business

 Wow! Opportunities are endless, you too can also earn while loving the scent of Ascento Parfum. Contact them now by following their Facebook Page. or contact Ms. Jaena S. Jimenez (0925)8889020: (0995) 457 1746, Owner of Cavite Branch.
You can directly order to Ms. Jaena and get more privilege and discounts



  1. I love ascentoparfum;-) i like what you write up very interesting and passionate!

  2. I must say, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and D&G Light Blue are the best gift you have ever received. I am being a fan of Dolce and Gabbana perfumes for a long time and my wife is using the Light blue in the recent times. The smell is amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. ladies' scent have now bloomed into numerous assortments, with designer aromas beating the line of value Eau Extracts, Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilette, colognes and body's cologne


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