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The Life Extension: Health and Wellness at its Best

The Life Extension
Health and Wellness at its Best

Nowadays, it is very common for all of us to be stressed. Whether from work; school; the heavy traffic when you go out and even if you are at home, you are not excused from being stressed. Many factors contribute when we mention the word “STRESS.” But one thing is for sure, it is not limited to people who are 30 years old and above. Kids, students can experience it too! On my personal experience, (and I’m sure many of you can relate) I often have headaches, can’t sleep, easily caught cough and colds, irritable and for some, leads to high blood pressure. That was all because of being stressed.

I work day and night, I seldom complete 8 hours of sleep, usually 3-4 hours. My husband Carie has been suffering from lower back pain. That is why last Saturday, August 20th (which is a day after my birthday), My husband and I went to The Life Extension Health and Wellness Center which is located at Central Diliman, Quezon City to have Bio Clarity Therapy for me and Thermal Magnetic Acupressure (which is a needle-less acupuncture treatment) for my husband.

Now off to my Bio Clarity Therapy. The therapist had my blood pressure checked. Handed me a “Sarong” which is a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body for me to wear because I need to sit inside a wooden contraption (head out) wherein my body will be infused with steam and sauna. For starters like me, the temperature they recommend is 35 degrees.



Me inside the Bio Clarity Therapy(wooden contraption)

I asked the attendant and she said that it is a combination of a wet and dry spa that uses special herbs. These special herbs help treat kidney disease, clear internal poison, reduce liver toxicity, disperse phlegm, balance blood, and treat joint swelling. She asked me to place my feet on wood rollers that stimulate reflex points enhancing the detoxification of internal organs. And so the therapy begins. While sitting at the wooden contraption, I was able to interview another client while we are having our Bio Clarity Therapy. She is 51 years old and she told me that it is her 9th time for the said therapy. She said that true enough, the 30-minute therapy has a variety of health benefits such as weight loss, improved blood circulation, pain relief, clearing of cellulite, improvement of skin tone, and removal of toxins which I really needed. The Bio-Clarity Therapy also helps boost the immune system, reduces tension and alleviates insomnia. As I was sitting on the wooden contraption, I felt the sweat all over my body and my “Sarong” is soaking wet! Wow! It was more than the sweat that I had from doing Zumba or routine gym workouts. Doctor Gary Sy, MD usually does rounds and asks of the improvement of his clients. The attendant was so warm to wipe sweat on our faces and give us water to drink from time to time. After 30 minutes, it was as if I took a bath because I am sweating all over my body. Doc Gary said that it was all the toxins in our body.

My husband experienced Thermal Magnetic Acupressure, (a Needleless Acupuncture) that is similar to acupuncture except that magnets with suction caps are used instead of needles. The principle for this is the Chinese acupuncture. The magnetically-charged pressure pins are placed into my husband’s acupoints or meridian points to open circulation, draw toxins out through the skin, and relax the tissues. The pressure pins remain on the acupoints for 15 minutes. Finally, the client is given a 15-minute therapeutic massage with essential oils. My husband told me that the therapy indeed brings relief to his aching muscles and joints. It is also somewhat a combination of cupping (or ventosa) and acupuncture.

Thermal Magnetic Acupressure

After our very relaxing therapy, I’ve had a chance to ask Dr. Gary Sy, MD. A Diplomate in Geriatric Medicine; advocate of natural supplements, and a believer of alternative medicine. Practicing Geriatric medicine for 15 years. He helps senior citizens, he believes that most problems in our body are caused by stress; that is why he established a health and wellness center to cater even those of a young age to avoid serious concerns it may cause in the future. Explains that the Bio Clarity therapy which I experienced is from the concept of the ancient “SUOB” wherein a women after having delivered her baby, has to sit on a small pail or tub with hot water and different medicinal leaf. In our present generation, they are using a modern “Suob” in the form of wooden contraption. They are putting special herbs too. He said that the herbs they put are good for relaxation, and other benefits I mentioned above. The therapy is good for people with which cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and people with muscle sore. The basic principle is detoxification as you will sweat a lot. We detoxify through sweating and urination. He then said that most of the senior citizens remove toxins through urinating and bowel movement so Bio Clarity therapy will be a relief for them. Aside from the said therapy, they also offer:

Activated Charcoal Bath 

Bio-Repair Intravenous Laser Therapy 
Deep Nerve Therapy
Diathermy Therapy
Facial Treatments
Foot Reflexology
Indian Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Magnetic Acupressure Therapy
Mechanical Cupping Therapy (Ventosa)
Shiatsu / Swedish massage
Slimming Massage
Thermal Mineral Phototherapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

Their staffs are trained; they have constant meeting once a week to talk about their patients. Dr. Gary Sy wants to have a personal relationship with his clients. “I asked the patient, How are you? And the patient will say that he/she is okay. But the question is, are you really okay? So we have a wellness screening test with computerized body check analyzer wherein we check the meridian of the patient. Inaalam naming kung anong mahina sa katawan ng pasyente at bibigyan nmin ng makakatulong para umayos yung katawan, instead na bigyan ng gamot. So we are giving the patient time to heal by themselves rather than giving them medicine to heal the problem. I believe in the principle na dapat ayusin mo muna yung may sakit, bago mo ayusin yung sakit. ” Doc Gary said.

He said that it is important to know the lifestyle of the patients first so that he can help him with their health problems. He then ask his patient what do they do first thing in the morning, what do they eat etc. With the client’s stories, he can analyze what needs to be corrected with the patient. I asked him if he gives medicine to his patients, he said that 90% would come from natural healing and only 10% medications. He believes that the wrong lifestyle is one of the factors that contribute to our health. “If you need a drug, you can go ahead and take it because you need it. Hindi naman lahat ng sakit ay nakukuha sa genes or anything. Pero kung yung sakit mo eh gawa mo, ayusin mo muna ung pagkain mo, lifestyle mo.” He then adds. Which I am very much convinced that you will all agree with him. 

The good doctor gave me an example wherein a patient with high cholesterol who went to him and he asked her to use the wooden contraption (Bio Clarity Therapy) for 3 days in a week. He did not change the patient’s medicine and after 3 days, the patient’s cholesterol of 400 lowered to 150 after a month of treatment! Even a high school student can experience Bio Clarity Therapy. Wow! By talking to Dr. Gary Sy, MD. I learned a lot that I wanted to come back and try all of their services. Thank you so much TLE (The Life Extension) and Dr. Gary Sy, MD.

This is me on"Sarong"after my Bio Clarity Therapy

They also have a membership card for 1,000 pesos so that you can avail of their 30-40% discount on their services.

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Visit The Life Extension (TLE) Health and Wellness Center (located on the Third Floor of the Bell-Kenz Tower, 127 Malakas Street, Central Diliman, Quezon City) today. For inquiries, contact telephone numbers (02)911-1314 & (02) 400-4205 or mobile 0917-5777675. Open daily from 9am to 6pm.


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