Friday, August 5, 2016

The Life Extension (TLE) : Extending Quality Life

Extending Quality Life 
at The Life Extension (TLE)

The Life Extension (TLE) Health and Wellness Center in Diliman is more than a beauty hub in Quezon City. What makes TLE truly exceptional are its state-of-the-art wellness screening tests and its six signature therapies.


Thermal Cupping Therapy utilizes heat from a Far Infrared Mineral Lamp and Ventosa to stimulate blood circulation and regulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the tired cells, while facilitating the removal of toxins and cellular waste.


In Magnetic Acupressure (Needleless Acupuncture) pressure pins/magnets with suction caps are applied to client’s acupoints to open circulation, draw toxins out through the skin, and relax the tissues. The pressure pins remain on the client’s acupoints for 15 minutes before he is given a therapeutic massage with essential oils. This therapy brings relief to aching muscles and joints.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a 90-minute treatment, detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system (lymph vessels, lymph nodes and organs).

Diathermy Therapy uses a specialized machine and electromagnetic coils that direct the electromagnetic energy down into the tissue. Diathermy decreases joint stiffness, arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscle spasm and injuries such as sprains and strains. It is also helpful for accelerating healing of wounds and swelling.


The Activated Charcoal Detox Bath has the client lying in a tub of water mixed with therapeutic charcoal. This bath removes impurities, soothes tired muscles and rejuvenates the body. This detoxifying therapy is helpful for smokers, drinkers and those who are taking maintenance medicine. It also alleviates skin disorders.


In Bio-Clarity Therapy, the client sits without clothes inside a wooden contraption (head out) wherein the body is infused with steam and sauna. A combination of a wet and dry spa using special herbs, it facilitates a variety of health benefits such as weight loss, improved blood circulation, pain relief, clearing of cellulite, improvement of skin tone, and removal of toxins. Those who’ve tried it say that it’s the one of the best stress-busters!

The Life Extension (TLE) Health and Wellness Center also offers clients general medical evaluation prior to undergoing any treatment or service. The center utilizes modern technology to determine overall well-being. Screening methods are quick and non-invasive. Qualified wellness consultants can also give immediate advice to the clients. If additional evaluation is needed, there are other establishments located within the building that offer medical tests.


Visit The Life Extension (TLE) Health and Wellness Center, located on the Third Floor of the Bell-Kenz Tower, 127 Malakas Street, Central Diliman, Quezon City today. The center’s trained wellness consultants can recommend a therapy or a combination of treatments that’s suited to your state of health.

For inquiries, contact telephone numbers (02)911-1314 & (02) 400-4205 or mobile 0917-5777675. Open daily from 9am to 6pm


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