Friday, June 17, 2016

Asia HR Expo : The Digital Talent Acquisition

Asia HR Expo
The Digital Talent Acquisition 

The use of technology solutions has advanced rapidly in the recruitment space with mobile being a stand-out, as almost 50 percent of job seekers globally now search and apply for jobs using a mobile device. Everything is digital now and that includes even recruitment. Your dream career is just in your fingertips. No more checking the broadsheets or even job announcements per building to submit your resumes. Everything can be done within minutes via your smart phones especially in the Philippines where 114% of Filipinos have mobile penetration. 

All of your prospects whether applicants or companies have become tech savvy in their pursuit of better positions, better applicants, better organizations and stable careers. As brands realize that every company is now a media company and start to build content shops in house, talent acquisition has been furiously following suit, building content around the company and various jobs. But creating content is not the same as executing a content strategy. 

Join Asia HR Expo 2016: The Digital Talent Acquisition and learn from the experts at the conference floor plus check the newest technologies, companies and jobs available at the exhibition floor. We will present 20 speakers and 30 exhibitors on September 16, 2016 from 9AM to 6PM at SMX Convention Center, Taguig. 

The objective is to promote the Philippines in the region as a premier business destination. The conference serves as a hub for networking and spreading of ideas that help top management overseeing enterprises across the Asia Pacific region. Speakers are experts and leaders in their industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the Asia Pacific region. Attendees are senior leaders, high-ranking government officials and journalists covering the event. 

Limited seats are available as of today for the Conference Floor (Registration fee is Php 5,000.00) with elegant lunch and snacks. Deposit your fee to TAG Media and Public Relations, BPI Account # 1680 0010 29. For inquiries and registration, please contact 09166299381 (TAG Media & Public Relations)

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