Friday, May 27, 2016

THE RISE OF THE PINOY --- By: Mike Grogan (A Book Review)


By: Mike Grogan (A Book Review)

What makes you feel proud being a Filipino? Can you remember Filipino’s resilience amidst storms? It’s so heart warming when someone tells you how great and how proud he is about you, right? I’ve read a book that talked about Filipino Pride. The author, Mike Grogan is an Irish guy who fell in love with the Philippines and its people. Through his book, he wants to make the Filipinos all over the world realize of their greatness. How other countries look up to us Filipinos as an example of excellence, hard work, love for family, and resilience. He will make you realize that you as a pinoy, you are capable and worthy of becoming world class in your own ways. At the end of each chapter, you will notice that,”Hey, this has an impact on me” or say,”This was really me, and I never thought that I could do it.” Mike Grogan had an in-depth interview of people who are excellent in their respective field, making him realize that Filipinos are really WORLD CLASS. It’s so flattering how he believes in us Filipinos.

These lines from one of the people that Mike Grogan interviewed really struck me...”Life is not about getting what you want and accomplishing things, but it’s really going beyond that and creating an impact in the lives of other people.” And of more the inspiring quotes as you read his book. Important lesson I have from reading the book...”Don’t believe the lies, you were born for greatness!” Indeed, love for our country and believing in what we can do, will bring us to the top. Thank you so much Mike for making us realize that we Pinoys are truly WORLD CLASS.


And it's my pleasure to tell all of you that Mike Grogan's book "THE RISE OF THE PINOY" will be available on June 11th 2016. But be the first to get a copy of the book The Rise of the Pinoy this Friday, May 27th at the Asia Digital Marketing Expo! Limited copies only!

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