Wednesday, March 2, 2016

UNO : 1st health Kojic Acid Soap - Beauty Secret revealed

UNO : 1st Health Kojic Acid Soap
Beauty Secret revealed

I am a Virtual Assistant / Blogger mom who works at the comfort of our home and take care of my kids. Since I don’t go out often, I don’t of care what shampoo, soap and other personal hygiene products I will be using. Basically because I am not vain, I am not the kind of person who is so particular of what benefits I will get from using the products. Just as long as it will help make me feel refreshed and clean, then it’s fine for me. I don’t care if my skin will get dark because of long exposure under the sun without using an umbrella or even a cap. What is my reason for that? I usually tell people that my skin will be back to its natural color as time goes by. People who have known me personally would always say that I am a boyish! Can you relate?

Nowadays, several beauty soaps promise to make your skin white, exfoliate, and get that beautiful glow on your skin. There are several brands of papaya soap, milk soap, glutathione soap and other brands available in the market. How would you know which of those would work for your skin? And one more thing, I am not using those type of soap because of its smell, I am pertaining to the after shower scent when soap leaves your skin. (I remember trying one soap couple of years back and I don’t like the after smell, I smelled like I didn’t rinse! No kidding! From then on, I don’t use other beauty soap anymore.) But it is so important to take care of our skin that is why I am so hesitant to find a product that I will religiously use.

Then a friend asked me to use their product, it was 1st Health’s Kojic Soap by UNO. Honestly, before I use a certain product, I research more information about it and read several reviews about it as well. On what I’ve read it was clearly stated that UNO Kojic Acid soap is used as a skin lightening agent for people who may have sun spots, freckles and other forms of pigmentation on their face, hands and neck. Benefits of using UNO Kojic Acid Soap on a regular basis may help reduce the appearance of age spots, eliminate or reduce freckles, reduce or eliminate their discoloration from pregnancy and strengthen cell activity. The soap is used by many Japanese men and women as part of their regular facial regimen so that the skin stays soft and vibrant. In addition, UNO Kojic acid soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

So okay, that caught my interest. I told myself that for so many years, I will give this product a try and will see if this beauty product is true to what they claim to be. On the 1st day, I intentionally didn’t use exfoliating gloves or loofah. I just apply the soap until it becomes slightly foamy. Normally after rinsing, I still scrub parts of my body to see if there are still traces of skin dirt. To my surprise, there are no traces of skin dirt and my skin is smooth. When I rinse with a shower, I saw how the dirt slides from my body, leaving my skin so clean. Amazing! It really exfoliates my skin and that was just the 1st day! And did I mention earlier that I am so particular about the smell? Well, it doesn’t have a strong after scent. Smells like orange! Days went on and I continuously love the effect on my skin, it makes my skin so radiant! I've found a beauty product that I will religiously use and I am so proud to endorse. If it worked to a picky user like me, no doubt that it will also work for you.

1st Health Kojic Acid Soap is available for only Php 150 / 135grams

For more information, you may contact: 
Mr. Patrick T. Sarmiento
Mobile number: +63 9059352868

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