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Yellow Cab Pizza Co: Baliwag "peeps" accepts Man vs Pizza challenge

Baliwag "peeps" accepts Man vs Pizza challenge 
Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

February 12th 2016 marks the 1st day that Yellow Cab patrons in Baliwag, Bulacan waited for, as Yellow Cab Pizza Co gave away FREE 6” pizza as their way of saying thank you for welcoming them in Baliwag, Bulacan. Yes, they gave Free Pizzas to the 1st 100 customers who will like and share their Facebook page with their poster, last February 12th. But wait, there’s more! Not just for 1 day! They gave free pizzas also to the first 50 customers on February 13th starting at 2pm onwards and another set of 50 on Valentine’s Day! What a treat! I even saw long lines and people are really excited to get theirs. Of course, I also tried to patiently fall in line and waited for my turn, until I got the free pizza that everyone has been craving. 

At 5pm, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. SM City Baliwag engaged their patrons to their first time event here in Baliwag, Bulacan. The event is called “Man vs. Pizza” which took place at SM City Baliwag Event Center, wherein the participant will try to eat an 18 inch New York pizza in 30 minutes or less! I am not kidding! Trying to eat a whole 18 inch pizza will make you think that one should’ve not eaten breakfast and lunch before accepting the challenge, because if you do, I guess you will not be able to finish a whole pizza even a regular sized pizza. This was my first time to join on the said competition. I have never eaten even a whole personal sized pizza ever in my life! This was truly a big challenge. So how did I prepare? Honestly, I took a light breakfast, had little rice for lunch. Thinking that it would be okay as I don’t want to starve myself too much before 5pm. There are 2 batches of 5 contestants for the “Man vs. Pizza” contest. I am included on the 1st batch and sadly, I just finished 2 slices of the 18” pizza that was in front of me. The guy (a student) to my right was able to eat 6 slices. He was the 1st batch winner of a Gift Certificate of Yellow Cab pizza good for 6 months! Wow! Although I didn’t get a chance to win, (not even on the 3rd spot) I enjoyed the experience. 

This is an 18 inch Yellow Cab New York Pizza

I just ate 2 slices! 

Second batch of contestants was called at the stage. It was an all men group. It was a good fight because one even stood up as a tactic on how he will finish the whole box of pizza. And his strategy worked, he finished the 18” New York pizza in less than 13 minutes! Whoa! What an appetite! The name of the event should’ve not been Man vs. Pizza but rather, it should be called “MAN-ster (monster) vs. Pizza.” Just kidding! Rix Francisco, 23 yr old, made 3 slices of pizza sandwiched so that he can be of advantage to his opponents and that works! I am really surprised at how he munched on his pizza and where on his body did he place that 18 inch pizza. So amazing! Definitely a great event as the SM City Event Center was filled with people who cheered for Rix Francisco.

Mr. Jared Carreon (Trade & Relationship Marketing Officer for Yellow Cab Pizza Co)
shows off the 18 inch pizza for each contestant

Let the battle begin!

With Man vs Pizza 2nd batch winner Mr. Rix Francisco

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