Monday, February 29, 2016

Take the challenge and #ExperienceTheExtreme at Tree Top Adventure

Take the challenge and #ExperienceTheExtreme 
at Tree Top Adventure

Have you ever dared to experience the extreme? Up to what extent are you willing to face your fears? Do you have fear of heights or Acrophobia?

There are four (4) ways to overcome your fears:

1. Understand and potentially know your fear. You must determine the exact triggers for and intensity of your fear.

2. Consider the likelihood of any actual harm resulting from the situations that you fear.

3. Relax. Relaxation activities that focus on embodiment, like Yoga or meditation can help you influence on how your fear or anxiety affects your life.

4. Consider removing Caffeine from your diet. Caffeine consumption maybe a contributing factor to anxiety related to Acrophobia.

Why am I saying this? Personally, I have a minor fear of heights and I want to overcome that. With all courage and determination, I took the challenge. My first experience was that zipline of 250 feet above the ground and 400 meters long, connecting two mountains. That was the highest that I have been so far, and it’s not motorized. I’ve conquered my fear! From then on, I enjoyed every zipline and other activities similar to that. I also tried Tree Top Adventure in Subic and Baguio with my family. I have an 11 year old boy and 8 years old girl who also loves extreme adventures. It has been 3 years ago since they started this kind of activity and they would love to do it over and over again.

At Tree Top Adventure Subic

At Tree Top Adventure Baguio (Camp John Hay)

Inspired and planning for your extreme adventure? Tree Top Adventure offers the first and the only motorized ziplines in the Philippines. Tree Top Adventure has six outdoor activities which offer a different experience for every thrill seekers. If one wants to relax, then, one might try the Canopy Ride, a ride similar to the concept of cable cars. The Trekking and Skywalk is good for adventurers who just like to walk and appreciate the beauty of nature. Want to fly like a superhero? Then one might want to try the Superman Ride, a horizontal motorized zipline in which you’ll be flying once backwards and once forwards. Or, Silver Surfer might be for you in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and glide up and down diagonally for multiple cycles. One can truly appreciate nature at its best while quenching one’s thirst for adrenaline rush.

Last February 26th 2016, Tree Top Adventure launched its new interactive website that aims to make booking for an extreme activity and bonding with your family and friends, easy and hassle free! SAM YG is Tree Top Adventure’s brand ambassador, like many of us; he also dared himself to experience the extreme activities. When asked how he would describe his Tree Top adventure experience in one word… “Exhilarating!” So what are you waiting for?

Here is what DJ Sam YG has to say about his experience at Tree Top Adventure


(From left to right) Ms. Jackie Dilag - Marketing & Sales Officer (Subic); Ms. Ma. Camille O. Montejo, Marketing and Branding Head; DJ Sam YG - Brand Ambassador, Tree Top Adventure; Engr. Grace B. Nicolas and Mr. Jace Mendoza- Assistant Marketing & Sales Officer (Baguio)

You can now go to Tree Top Adventure’s website and you can book for your activity at 

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