Saturday, January 23, 2016

Myra E: Jumpstart your journey to a young looking skin

Myra E: 

Jumpstart your journey 
to a young looking skin

 Do we really need to take care of our skin? Why do we need to take Vitamin E? First thing that came to mind when I hear VITAMIN E is, for us to have strong immunity against sickness, for healthy skin and eyes. But what else can we get from that? I asked my mom about it. My mom is now 59-year old and she is taking Vitamin E religiously. Yes, she is taking Myra E since she was 24 years old. Can’t believe that she has been taking that for 35 years now! I asked her to tell me more about it. Now I know that it is her secret why her skin is still young looking (she is now 59 but she do not look her age.) In fact, her colleagues and our relatives even noticed that. People always saying that she looks young and she did not deny the fact that she is now 59 years old! Her skin is glowing and definitely no age spots. Before, I thought taking Vitamin E was just for women ages 30 and above. But looking at my mom, I know that I should do the same. 

I didn’t stop researching about why women should take more Vitamin E when some of that can be found on the food that we eat. We can have Vitamin E from vegetable oils, Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cereals, eggs, nuts and others. So why do we need more?

According to studies, here are the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin E


Found the answers which made me convinced that I should take more of that as well. First of all, it is an Antioxidant. It protects our skin from ultra violet light, pollution wherever we are, and other elements that may produce cell damaging free radicals. Regulator of Vitamin A, which is good for our eyes. Anti-Aging, it helps our skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (or “age lines”) Sun protection, it prevents us from having sunburns. As treatment of skin diseases like Psoriasis and other skin problems. Treatment of scars, Vitamin E is very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of scarring. (I remember when my mom asked me to prick a small hole from the Myra E capsule and put the oil on my face so that my pimple and pimple scars disappear.) And take it from me, it is very effective. To make it short, there are a lot of benefits from taking Vitamin E. 

Now I believe her, from now on, I will jumpstart my journey to good health by starting to take Myra E religiously so that I can age beautifully like her. I am a mother of 2 kids, married for 17 years. I don’t want people to tell me that I am not beautiful when I am on my senior years! And that journey will start NOW! It is true that we cannot delay and stop aging but with Myra E, we can be proud to go on with our journey with our healthy and youthful skin. What are you waiting for? Together, let us take Myra E capsules everyday.

To know more about Myra-E, check out their website:

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