Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zoomanity Group: Open Heart, Open Park (Christmas Gift Giving)

To give is better than to receive...
Would you share your blessings this Christmas?

 This Christmas season, some of us are waiting for their Christmas presents, if they have new clothes to wear, food on their table, wishing for new gadgets and other personal / material stuff that will make us happy. And if we did not get that stuff that we want, sometimes we felt bad and get upset. We often forget that it is not the main reason for the season. After all, was it your birthday? Whose birthday are we celebrating during Christmas? It is GOD, the one who made us. He humbled himself the time He was born and showed us the true meaning of Christmas, and it is giving. 

Last Sunday, December 13th 2015, the CEO and Big Boss of Zoomanity Group, Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco celebrated his birthday but not as lavish and as grand that everyone would expect from a big boss (the owner of the major theme parks in the Philippines.) Instead he chose to celebrate his birthday by giving happiness and blessings to the less fortunate children because as he said, “Christmas is for the children.” Zoomanity Group believes that it is part of their corporate social responsibility to give joy to those who need it the most. Through one charitable activity called “Christmas Gift Giving,” Zoomanity Group chose sets of orphan kids from different foundations annually to experience a whole day of fun, love and care in their parks.

We were invited to take part and witness this event. My kids are with me so they also experience to give gifts and mingle with the less fortunate / orphan kids. This year, they had over 600 kids that were given a chance to have free entrance to all Zoomanity Parks and enjoy one exciting day of interaction with the animals. Gifts had been given away plus exciting shows are held in 4 different venues namely: Paradizoo (Mendez, Cavite) and Residence Inn (Tagaytay) last December 5. Zoocobia Fun Zoo (Clark, Pampanga) and Zoobic Safari (SBMA) where we are invited last December 13.

I find it hard to communicate with the group of kids at Zoocobia because they cannot speak “Tagalog” I am also not sure if their language is “Kapampangan”, “Zambaleno” or other native languages that I didn’t know and learn to speak. But one thing I know that they can clearly understand is … the language of love. When I smile at them, help them fix their gifts, help them with opening their packed food. I am not sure if they understand my “tagalog” but when they look into my eyes, I know that they can see sincerity from what we are doing for them. 

Group of kids at Zoobic Safari are more matured than the kids at Zoocobia. Each group prepared something for Mr. Yupangco. Some of them played instruments, sing and dance. After their presentation, they had something to read for Sir Robert. I was in tears when they read their letter of thanks and gratitude for the birthday celebrant, that instead of having a grand celebration, he chose to be with these kids and bring happiness that the kids will never forget. Though Mr. Yupangco can have and buy all that he wanted, he is selfless enough to share the blessings that he received with those people around him especially the kids.

To Mr. Robert Yupangco, may GOD bless your good heart and may you always have good health. I hope that what you did will encourage others to do the same.

If you want to know more and take part of Zoomanity Group's wonderful activities, you can visit their website at www.zoomanity.com.ph or email zoomanityg@gmail.com or info@zoomanity.com.ph

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