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Zoomanity Group: "Dinner in the Dark" a unique experience at Residence Inn, Tagaytay City

ZOOMANITY GROUP: "Dinner In The Dark" Residence Inn, Tagaytay City

November 21, 2015  Zoomanity Group invited us for a unique event called “Dinner in the Dark.” From the invitation, they mentioned “This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how it is to be blind.” So I was so excited and can't wait for it.

For 4 weeks, I’ve waited and was so excited on what will happen in that event. My family arrived at Residence Inn, Tagaytay City and the staff toured us inside the park. We’ve seen the animals, was able to touch the snake, experience zip line (though it was not my first time) so I was not afraid anymore even my kids. Was able to see the beauty of Tagaytay City and also appreciated it's cold weather. What a sight to see! I was in awe as I look at the surroundings, amazed at what GOD has created. 

The beautiful scenery of Tagaytay City

Finally, dinner will start in few minutes. A representative from the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines talked about their advocacy to help those persons who are blind but through other person’s cornea donation, they may be able to see again. Not all blind people will not have a chance to see the beauty of the surroundings again. There is still hope, and it will only happen if one will donate his /her cornea at the time of his death. That is why the Eye Bank Foundation reaches out and gives hope for the blind.

The time has come and the organizers asked us to blindfold ourselves so that we can start the dinner. They helped and placed us to our respective areas. They gave us instructions on what is in front of us. They asked us to take off our blindfold and all we see was darkness. We cannot see anything, darkness really fills the place. I prayed, “This is it! Lord tell me what you want me to understand today as we experience Dinner in the Dark.” 

This was all that we see on our entire dinner, Darkness.

The moment I finished uttering a prayer, they asked us to start eating. It was so hard because I am using spoon and fork. It was a bit funny when I thought that I have something on my spoon but the moment I put it on my mouth, I discovered that nothing was on it! It’s so hard to eat when you aren’t able to see something, you didn’t even know what you are eating. I tried to eat although it’s really hard. Suddenly tears fell from my eyes, thought to myself, "on my mind I am complaining that I cannot see what I am eating. This is just one area of what the blind people was experiencing everyday."

After the dinner, I volunteered to speak of my experience. Beforehand, I was excited of the dinner knowing that it would be as simple as eating; it’s just that you will only be eating in the dark. But GOD reminded me of my prayer. Oh yes we are so blessed to have our eyesight, to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and that is what we should be thankful for. My 11 year old son was also with me, he experienced it also. For me, I want him to experience that kind of event so that he is aware of how important it is to have our eyesight and how blessed he is. He should not make fun of those people who are blind. More so, we should help the blind people by describing them how beautiful the surroundings were and that GOD loves them so much. We can raise awareness of how we can help them and we can also donate our cornea. To know more about this, you can browse at the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines website.
We are so thankful to Zoomanity Group for this very unique experience. This is an experience that I will not forget for the rest of my life.


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