Monday, November 16, 2015

TEXAS FRIED CHICKEN: The New Fried Chicken Craze in Baliuag!

The New Fried Chicken Craze in Baliuag!

Have you heard of the new FRIED CHICKEN craze in Baliuag, Bulacan? Have you seen a Fried Chicken but cooked whole? Well, I've found a new store that sells whole fried chicken! Yes, you read it right... It is fried WHOLE!

While looking around Baliuag (a town in Bulacan) for something that I could bring home for our lunch after a church service, I saw a new stall TEXAS FRIED CHICKEN. I was intrigued and fascinated why everyday they have many patrons in their store. I went there to see for myself what it is, thought it was a typical fried chicken  that we can buy anywhere. I also ordered to see for myself how it is done and taste what is the difference among others and why our fellow Baliwaguenos would patiently wait for even an hour for a whole chicken. I asked their crew to get my order and to my surprise, i have to wait for 30 minutes more before I can have my Texas Fried Chicken because they ran out of cooked ones.. Well, for me it was quite okay because that should indicate a freshly cooked chicken. so I got my number and waited. While waiting for my order, I had a chance to ask the crew more about the business. I learned that it was owned by the Ortegas' of The Ortegas' Best. (Their family was also known for their famous "Frozen" foods and other businesses as well.) 

While at their store, Their huge pressure-cooker-like machine caught my attention. It's also the one responsible for their deep fried chicken until it was cooked to perfection. The chicken were cooked for 30 minutes. So that gives me and other customers an assurance that it was cooked thoroughly. Another thing is their signature sauce, they offer 3 kinds of sauces: Gravy (which comes originally on each box of fried chicken); Barbeque sauce; and Sweet Chili sauce (which is an option and can add 5 pesos for each sauce.) I added 3 kinds of sauces on my order, so that I can have a taste of a perfect match for my fried chicken.

Finally my number has been called and their crew handed me a box of  my TFC fried chicken. Hmm I can smell the savory chicken on my box. (Disclaimer: Once you smelled their fried chicken from the TFC store, you will definitely want to buy for sure!) Hurriedly went home for lunch and can't wait to taste what I just bought and WOW! The chicken was tender, juicy and cooked to perfection, it was not too salty. The chicken was cooked thoroughly as it was deep fried for 30 minutes. Even if it is cooked for so many minutes, the chicken is not dry. Hence, I can still taste the freshness of the chicken. The chicken's skin is also crunchy that I think even when it is not hot anymore, it will still taste the same. I tried to dip the chicken into their 3 sauces: Gravy; Barbeque and Sweet Chili. All tastes good but what stood out for me is their sweet chili sauce and barbeque sauce which I believe is also their own recipe. I can say that I am satisfied with what I bought and the price?? I bought a whole fried chicken for only 199 pesos! Also they told me that customers can also buy half a chicken at a price of P100. I can say that overall, TEXAS FRIED CHICKEN was PERFECT! It is definitely one of Baliwag's Pride.

Need I say more?

Texas Fried Chicken is located in Barrera St., Poblacion, Baliuag, Bulacan. For Bulk orders, you may contact  0943-1304937

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