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The City of the Living GOD
Touchdown Puerto Princesa, Palawan --- When I was a kid, I dreamt of travelling. Either by bus, plane, boat or ship. Back on my teenage days, it didn’t come into reality basically because our family doesn’t have much money for us to travel. Though there are a lot of times that we went to different arcades, museums, provinces near the metro. But that dream is motivates me to work hard that someday, I can travel without spending much. I remembered how God has been faithful to me for my first plane trip. He used my mom so that I can go to Cebu. Mom and I attended Christian Women’s Conference in Cebu which led the team for a 1 day side trip to Bohol. What a dream come true! The dream isn’t over yet, thought of having my husband and my kids with me would be more fun. It has always been on my prayers since then. Little did I know, God is working and preparing His gift for our family. I am working and at the same time serving God at church (I was a KIDS church teacher). 

A friend of mine helped me with the flight bookings. We booked March of 2014 for a flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan in May (perfect vacation before the kids classes start in June.) In my mind, I was eyeing to see the Underground River which has been hailed as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” My kids were also curious about it as they are already studying about The Puerto Princesa Underground River. Who wouldn’t be curious about it? We are so excited; I’ve read several blogs about Palawan. I told myself that “hey, I could also do a DIY tour in Palawan as many bloggers did.” On my notepad, I’ve written best places to go, foods to try, restaurants to check out. I want to do a DIY tour of Puerto Princesa, Palawan because I’ve checked the tour rates and it would cost me thousands for the 4 of us (2 kids, husband and I.)

Kids are excited for their 1st flight via Cebu Pacific

The day has come for us to go and conquer Puerto Princesa! All of us are excited especially my kids since it’s their first time to ride a plane. I chose Cebu Pacific to fly us to our destination (considering a smooth and hassle free flight for my first time travelers – and two thumbs up for Cebu Pacific for the smooth journey!) 

Touchdown... Puerto Princesa Airport (Palawan)
From the Puerto Princesa Airport going to our accommodation, we saw a signage that says “Welcome to the City of the Living GOD.” Wow! GOD is so amazing! True enough people of Palawan are so kind, helpful and hospitable. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t know which way to go when you are alone on your tour, they will guide you and will not took advantage on tourists. We stayed at Casa Fuerte Bed and Breakfast Inn which is 5 minutes away from the airport. 

Casa Fuerte Bed and Breakfast - gardens

After checking into our room, we are excited to go out and see the rest of the city. We went to the famous Bona’s Chao-Long. Chao Long is a Vietnamese dish. In Puerto Princesa, Chao Long is served with rice noodles and meat in a tasty broth that is sweet. You can also spice it up by adding the spice condiments in your table. It is also served with bean sprouts, mint and basil on a separate plate. These ingredients are to be mixed with the soup. It is most commonly paired with garlic bread, so yummy. 

Bona's Chao Long

Garlic Bread with cheese (a perfect pair for the Chao Long)

Now for our DIY tour (which I saved 600 pesos each person for a half day tour around the city.) I booked for a lunch reservation at Ka Lui’s (a popular resto in Palawan). They are most of the time fully booked for lunch and dinner so 3 days before our flight, I called Ka Lui’s resto and booked ahead. What a meal! They also served us their complimentary Dessert. Ka Lui’s is the only resto (I know) wherein you will enter their resto “barefoot,” gives the customers that homey feeling. We enjoyed our first Lunch at Puerto Princesa. 

Off we go, we rode a jeepney going to the famous Crocodile Farm (which is the local name for Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.) A tour here not only brings joy and wonder to everyone but also quite educational. For only Php 20 - 40, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about crocodiles and other animals there once you visit this farm.

Next stop is Baker’s Hill. It is known to have delicious baked goodies such as Chocolate Crinkles, Hopia, Brownies and many more but aside from that, it is also known to be a theme park for Puerto Princesa citizens and tourists as well. We also tried their thin crust pizza which is really good! Since we already enjoyed our day without minding of the hours spent on each tourist spot, it’s time for us to go back to Casa Fuerte.

We tried Baker's Hill goodies such as Hopia Ube, Crinkles, Tthin crust Pizza etc.

At 9am, we are a part of the Underground River tour which is included on our accommodations package. Riding a van with a cool tourist guide makes the travel an enjoyable one. We reached the port of Sabang and waited for our boat which will take us to the drop-off. It was a sight to see, looking at all the rock formations and the calm seas reminds me how amazing our Creator was. Trekking for few minutes was never a dull moment because we saw monkeys that are free to roam around and greet people, also the monitor lizards!!! At first we are a bit afraid because it is unusual for us to see roaming monkeys everywhere, but eventually its fun and we get used to it as we walk. Our tour guide was the one who gets our queue number for us to get inside the Underground River. 

The river was colored Blue-Green! As soon as we enter the underground river, all we said was “wow”. But the tour guide told us not to say “WOW” when inside the cave if you don’t want a bat pee inside your mouth! We are so amazed by the Stalactites and Stalagmites formation. Some formed like vegetables, fruits, bell, etc. Bats are all around which makes it so exciting. My kids had fun too! Now back to the shore we had a free buffet lunch at Sabang Port. 

Tried "TAMILOK" for the first time

We tried their "TAMILOK" a woodworm which usually eaten fresh. Uncooked, chewy and has that oyster taste. For some who is not used to eat oysters, i think they might not like the idea eating it fresh.  Tired but happy, we are back at our accommodation. Later in the afternoon we went to a Souvenir place in the city. Who wouldn’t miss eating seafood at Puerto Princesa’s Bay Area? Seafood it is!!! 

This city is blessed by varieties of seafood. We enjoy sunset watching while the kids enjoy biking. Our day in Palawan ended but the fun, memories and appreciation of GOD’s wonderful creation will always be remembered. Thank you GOD and thank you so much Palawan. 

Bay Area

Seafoods and more....

Karst Mountain

We will definitely go back to the "City of The Living GOD."

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