Friday, October 2, 2015

Product Review: Marou Chocolates: A Cocoa rich chocolate bar

Vincent and Samuel started Marou, they are the best known artisan chocolate makers in the world.

It’s perhaps fitting that these two Frenchmen should be behind Vietnam’s first artisan chocolate makers. It was, after all, the French who introduced cacao into the country in the 19th Century.

Until recently though, Vietnam’s cocoa beans have been largely undiscovered. But the dedication of Marou and others like them has brought this very rich chocolate to the attention of the world.

Marou got their beans from five provinces across Vietnam. For their core range, they have chosen a different cocoa percentage for the bars from each region, from the Tiền Giang 70% up to the Bến Tre 78%. Each region has its own distinctive flavour notes that makes Marou very distict. Marou have chosen recipes that will enhance their unique qualities.
The fermented beans are transported to Marou’s chocolate factory in Saigon, where they are transformed into chocolate by bespoke machinery. They are roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and moulded into some of the most beautiful chocolate bars in the world.

Marou maker's attention to detail doesn’t stop at the chocolate itself though. Every aspect of the of the way each bar looks and feels has been carefully thought out, with particular care and attention being given to the wrapping, so that it will became very appealing to consumers. A finished bar of Marou chocolate is really a work of art, and unwrapping it takes you on a journey deep into the provinces of Vietnam.

Marou chocolates are made of highly produced Cacao from Vietnam and comes in variants of 70%, 72%, 74%, 76%, and 78% Cacao. So you can choose how many percentage of Cacao you would want to take. These Marou bars are distributed by PhDeli Corporation which is a parent company of Bennet & Palmer. They aim to make gourmet goodies from around the world so that we can enjoy a diverse array of good food right in our home. At the same time, PhDeli Corp supports grass root industries and local communities in the Philippines by introducing truly World-class quality products to other countries.


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***now available in the market

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Office Location: Unit 1612 Herera Towers, VA Rufino St., Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 553 5855 / 0917 533 8452 

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