Friday, October 2, 2015

Product Review: Marou Chocolate: Vietnam's Best

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thought of a Vietnamese food? you might think of savory beef noodle soup, or endless fields of rice paddies, right? But chocolate?

As the world's demand for chocolate grows, Vietnam is making a bid to become one of the world's newest high quality suppliers.

Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou are two players in the country's small but growing cocoa industry. They founded Marou, an artisan chocolate company, three years ago in Ho Chi Minh City.
The French expats, both based in Vietnam, met on a trekking adventure and shared a mutual interest in pursuing a new project. Maruta and Mourou heard about recent attempts to establish a viable cocoa industry around the Mekong Delta, which seemed a natural fit because of its tropical climate.
Marou are the first single-origin, handmade, chocolate makers who produce absolutely fantastic chocolate made from cacao grown in Vietnam. Of course, chocolate making isn’t something that Vietnam is particularly known for, and hence it has been a huge struggle getting to where they are now. And that place is as one of the most vibrant and exciting chocolate makers in the world – which is evident when you hold one of their bars in your hand. They’re beyond beautiful and are works of art in themselves.

Currently Marou produce five different bars – all made from cocoa beans grown ethically in Vietnam, and all with a rich, engaging flavour.
Marou chocolates are made of highly produced Cacao from Vietnam and comes in variants of 70%, 72%, 74%, 76%, and 78% Cacao. So you can choose how many percentage of Cacao you would want to take. These Marou bars are distributed by PhDeli Corporation which is a parent company of Bennet & Palmer. They aim to make gourmet goodies from around the world so that we can enjoy a diverse array of good food right in our home. At the same time, PhDeli Corp supports grass root industries and local communities in the Philippines by introducing truly World-class quality products to other countries.


They also have other products:  
Marou - chocolate bars

La Petite Epicere Saigon - Jams & Preservatives   
Koala - Tea   
Hello 5 - coffee   
Brightside - Organic Wines
***now available in the market

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Facebook: PHDeliCorp
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Office Location: Unit 1612 Herera Towers, VA Rufino St., Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 553 5855 / 0917 533 8452

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