Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Halloween-themed party in the house!

A Halloween-themed party in the house!

Are you the kind of mom who would like to throw in surprises for your guests? Thinking about a themed party at home? Simple, yet it was something that will be remembered? 

Many of us love to have a party whether outdoors or indoors. But as mommies, we ran out of time preparing for a simple party at home, even cooking was sometimes a BIG problem. What am I going to serve? What kind of drinks will I get for them? Will my guest like what I will be preparing for them? Those are some of the dilemma of a working mom (or someone who doesn't know how to cook but wants to have something for their guests.) We sometimes end up having food that will be delivered right on our doorstep, like pizzas and other meals from famous fast food restaurants. 

Halloween is fast approaching, and my friend shared with me a "Halloween-themed" idea of how we can still surprise our friends or family a treat that they wouldn't want to miss. Let me just introduce to you my friend, TIM SANGALANG. Tim is a single parent to her 7 year old son Pat. She loves to do creative arts like cos playing, DIY accessories and doodling. She is a self thought home cook and pet lover of cats and dogs. 

Tim wants to throw a small party for her friends. Even if it is a small party at home, she would like to make it into something that her friends would not forget. Let me now show you how Tim prepared a "Halloween-themed" snack for her friends. 

Nachos and Pica-Pica
Photo Credits: Tim Sangalang

Halloween Cupcakes from Kimberly Empestan of PASTRY KITTEN
*** I will give you the link in case you want to order :)
Photo Credits: Tim Sangalang

Yummy Carbonara
Photo Credits: Tim Sangalang

and Wines of course!!!
Photo Credits: Tim Sangalang

She prepared Nachos and Pica-Pica, Halloween cupcakes by her friend, Kimberly Empestan of PASTRY KITTEN If you want to order, check them out at their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thepastrykitten
She cooked Carbonara and prepared wine for her friends. Isn't it cool and so special???Simple but fab. Small but memorable. 

Truly AWESOME!!!! You too can make themed and memorable party DIY. Just be creative! Your imagination is your limit. Thanks TIM for sharing this cool tip with us!



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