Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FOODPANDA: Craziest thing I've done because I am hungry!

Hungry? What would you do if there's no food left in your fridge? You've checked your pantry but you discovered that you don't have food, not even a single can of sardines or luncheon meat, etc?  You have decided to go out to buy food but you cannot go because you are stuck in heavy rains. Kids are also hungry. If I will be the only person who will experience hunger, it’s okay. I can just sleep and will just eat later. But I am a mom who has 2 kids and a husband. They will be hungry if I will not prepare something for them. Who can relate with me?

I need to find a way. Then I remember to go online and look for anything that will be delivered fast, so that we can have something for dinner. I browsed online and I’ve found FOODPANDA! As it was said on their website, they can deliver food from more than 1,000+ restaurants! I tried Chowking since I am looking for something to eat for dinner.  I followed the 4 easy steps on how can I order food from FoodPanda (Chowking in particular). 


I ordered for Sweet and Sour Pork Lauriat, Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat, Chinese-Style Pork Chop, and 4-pc Lumpiang Shanghai. On the right hand portion of the website, found my order amounting to Php530. Delivery fee is FREE! Proceeded to checkout and input my details. Done. We waited for the food to be delivered. Yay! We can eat dinner in no time! It was raining but the food delivery rider came right on time. Thanks to Chowking and FoodPanda that my family ate dinner without hassle of going out even if it is raining.

Earlier while we are waiting for our food, I browsed again at FoodPanda’s website and learned that I could also access FoodPanda on my mobile phone just by downloading the app. Now every time that we need food that is hassle-free, It is just a click away right on my mobile phone.  

You too can have your food delivered right on your doorstep by going to their website or by downloading FoodPanda app on your mobile phones. 
Thanks again FoodPanda!

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