Friday, October 2, 2015

Fashion Review: VERSACE Shopping Party, powered by SnipePh

As a mom, I really value for money. The savings that I will have, will be allotted  for my kids. Saving yet stylish. Went to VERSACE Shopping Party last week in one of Versace's branch in Shangri-La mall, Mandaluyong City. I was shocked to see how beautiful fashion finds are marked down 60% off!

Versace Shopping Party was powered by SnipePh. Snipe is neither an online shopping app nor like any other shopping app out there today. It is a personal shopping companion that helps people quickly find and collect deals they like—all in a gamified interface. “It’s like Tinder, but instead of matching people with each other, we match customers with bargains,” says Robert Suyom, Jr., one of Snipe’s creators. “Sale posters are everywhere, but we want to know what specific products are on sale. Snipe makes information available right when and where customers need it.” The app was launched on August 11, 2015 and can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and the Play Store. A user can see deals using Snipe in selected malls1 in Metro Manila.

With Snipe, users can shop like never before. This app brings delight and surprise to the fore of shopping. Snipe distills the feeling of stumbling upon that perfect dress or pair of shoes and makes it easier for people to have exciting encounters like this again and again.

Not only can customers save time and money with Snipe, but they can also discover bargains in a new and fun way. To help users discover deals, Snipe detects which mall the user is in and displays the deals available there, one-by-one in random order, on a digital coupon roll. The user can narrow down his search with a filter of bargain categories2. (Note that Snipe displays deals only when the user is in a mall and during mall operating hours.) The randomly ordered coupons make users feel lucky when they see a deal they like, and the coupon-roll interface itself adds a tactile and visually quirky user experience. To help users save time and money, Snipe lets them swipe through bargains that would've taken users hours to sift through as well as take advantage of the promos featured in the app.

There are just three easy steps to use Snipe. First, a user turns on his internet connection (which can be either mobile data or WiFi) and his location or GPS, so that Snipe can start showing coupons. A user can swipe a coupon to the right if he likes it (or, in short, he can “Snipe” it). Sniped coupons are then stored in the wallet. If a user doesn’t like a coupon, he just swipes it down. (Note that a discarded coupon will be gone for the rest of the day, so the user must swipe down with care. Moreover, all Sniped coupons in the wallet are deleted every midnight.). A user can redeem a coupon by going to the wallet, tapping on the desired coupon, and showing the generated redemption code to the store’s cashier. After redemption, a user can finally purchase the bargain. Note that no purchase occurs in Snipe—customers still pay for the product in the store.

Expect more deals and malls to be covered by Snipe in the future. Snipe is a creation of the local tech startup Resonant Technology Solutions.

If you would like more information about Snipe, or would like to schedule an interview, you may contact:
Robert M. Suyom, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Email: |
Mobile: +63 917 850 5230
Office Landline: +632 736 9915

Check out our website or our Facebook page for more details.

Download links:

The App Store:

The Google Play Store:

or simply search “Snipe Shopping App” in these online stores

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