Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Adventure Time: Zoobic Safari thrills...

We are all excited about our trip today, even if it is raining. God permits us to still enjoy. We packed our things and head up north to go to Subic, Olongapo (Subic Bay Freeport Zone) where the Zoobic Safari is located. We arrived past 8am. On our way there, nice view of nature and animals greeted us. 1st stop is the Zoobic Cave, Forbidden Cave, Bird Sanctuary where the birds are not in their cages, they can freely fly. Of course, the moment that we’ve been waiting for… we got a chance to encounter the tigers face to face! We rode a caged vehicle to get inside the Tiger Safari, to get the experience more fun, we bought a bucket full of chicken which cost 200 pesos, just to get up close with the tigers. But it is so worth it! We feed and saw the tigers face to face. What an experience!!! After that we pass through the Savannah where we saw the camels, pigs, ostrich and different animals but they are not in the cage. It was so nice to see that those animals can freely walk on a land without fence. After that, the road leads us to Croco Loco where we get a chance to feed the crocodiles with chicken! We were amazed at how the crocodiles jump just to get the chicken on our rod. We paid 50 pesos for the chicken but again, it is so worth it! At the end of our trip was an animal show. It was not the kids who just enjoyed the show but adults as well. You can watch our Zoobic Safari adventure on YouTube.

Here is something you can enjoy watching:


Originally, a day tour inside Zoobic Safari would cost 500 pesos, but I got our tickets with discount, so I just paid 248 pesos for the ticket. Chicken for the Tiger Safari would cost 200 pesos and Chicken to feed the crocodile is 50 pesos. All in all would be 498 pesos excluding the transportation going to and from Subic Freeport Zone.

It was really a great day to remember and time to have bonding with kids and family.

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