Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Product Review: Marou Bars - a healthy chocolate bar

When one is sad, you can give them chocolates to lighten up their mood and  will make them happy again. But what chocolate will we give them? In major supermarkets we can now find Marou Dark chocolates. Allow me first to give you an insight on the benefits of "Dark Chocolate".  Dark chocolate is very nutritious; if you buy a chocolate that has a high content of Cocoa, then it could be nutritious. Because it contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and it is loaded with minerals.  According to studies, a 100 gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% of cocoa contain 11 grams of fiber; 67% RDA for Iron; 58% RDA for Magnesium; 89% of RDA for Copper; 98% RDA for Manganese, it is also loaded with potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Dark Chocolate is a powerful source of Antioxidants. Dark chocolate may also improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. It can also protect your skin against the sun. The Flavonols which is also found in dark chocolates can  help you against sun-induced damage, and improve the blood flow to the skin and it will  increase skin density and hydration. Best of all,  do you know that it may lower the risk of having Cardiovascular disease? Yes, Observational studies show a drastic reduction in heart disease risk for people who consume more dark chocolates.

Marou chocolates are made of highly produced Cacao from Vietnam and comes in variants of 70%, 72%, 74%, 76%, and 78% Cacao. So you can choose how many percentage of Cacao you would want to take. These Marou bars are distributed by PhDeli Corporation which is a parent company of Bennet & Palmer. They aim to make gourmet goodies from around the world so that we can enjoy a diverse array of good food right in our home. At the same time, PhDeli Corp supports grass root industries and local communities in the Philippines by introducing truly World-class quality products to other countries.

They also have other products:
Marou - chocolate bars
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***now available in the market

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Office Location: Unit 1612 Herera Towers, VA Rufino St., Makati City, Philippines
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