Friday, September 11, 2015

Product Review: Light Up Your World: Light 'em Up! Creative Design

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate the longest season of the year, Christmas! When "BER" months starts, we are excited of how are we going to decorate our places, and how can we make it beautiful. I am fascinated with lights, especially on Christmas and New Year (and I know many of you would relate to this). But If I would be buying stuffs to use as a decor for the coming season, I would want something that I can use all year round. And here is a perfect idea that I would like to share.

I found this creative lamp that could be used all year round. It's the LIGHT 'EM UP Creative Designs. They have unique, durable, washable, modular, water-proof custom lamps. It is "Modular" because if you bought it for the Christmas & New Year season, the shape can be changed into something that you could use for your bedroom, living room, garden, businesses and even in other events like birthdays, weddings and different parties all year round. You just have to unleash your imagination and creativity side. Also, this is an addictive puzzle with a purpose: by solving the puzzle, you can make a fantastic lampshade. Once you’ve made you'll end up experimenting for new designs! Wanted a change? Simply take it down and construct a different shape. It is a piece of art! Cool!  

Colors and shapes varies, shapes can be changed into 22 different configurations. (They will include a copy of instruction and DIY it). The Idea is limitless. Or if you don't have the time to DIY (do-it-yourself), you can just bring it over to the shop and will have your new design. Reshaping is totally free! They use LED bulbs for artisan lamps, and energy saving bulbs for the lantern type.

It is Weather and Water proof, you can use it indoor and outdoors. And since it is waterproof, worry no more as it can be washed with soap and water. No need to dismantle. The materials used for it is the eco-friendly Polycarbonate which is durable, heat resistant, color stable and 100% recyclable. Best of all, the price is very affordable, as it ranges from 650-1500 pesos depending on size and the design. The colors can be customized as well. Their Lamps can be rented too, for corporate parties, or weddings. 

I've found interesting ways on how you can use it on your homes and gardens! This is really awesome! Imagine if you have this on your homes! Such a beautiful craft that you can have all year round! Great value for money right?



Light 'em Up has been featured in various radio and TV programs, they are active as well in bazaars and activities here in the metro and on provinces. Light 'em Up Creative Designs are owned by Ms. May Advincula-Chan. 

Good Morning Philippines TV5

Instagram: lightemupco
Contact number:  +639237035775 / 09054461988

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