Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Adventure Time: Let's Go BAGUIO!

Couple of weeks before we went to Baguio, I already prepared our Baguio itineraries. Where to stay, where to go, where to eat, what to do lists. I checked www.Agoda.com and I found a hotel that was near to the City and Benguet Strawberry farm as well. I chose to book for a hotel which is not near Baguio town proper because of its cheaper price and I also chose one that has swimming pool which really made my kids so excited about going to Baguio (It's our first time to swim outside the cold, breezy weather of Baguio City!) Thinking that just an overnight stay would not be enough so I booked for 2 nights and 3 days stay at Hotel Supreme Baguio, which is worth 2,000 pesos a night for us family of 4. It has 2 big beds and breakfast included for 4 persons. Such a good deal. I also bought a voucher to experience Baguio Tree Top Adventure from www.metrodeals.com. I am going to tell you now how our Baguio getaway went.

It was almost end of summer when we are booked for a hotel accommodation in Hotel Supreme, Baguio. Original plan was to travel early in the morning but I've learned from my friend that it was hard to catch a ride going to Baguio. So that afternoon we decided to pack our things already and from Bulacan, it was around 6pm when we rode a bus going to Cubao. At 8pm, we arrived in Victory Liner and to our surprise, there were so many people who are booked already on a scheduled trip to Baguio, some are chance passengers. When I reached the Ticketing booth, they said that if I get ticket, that would be for a 7am trip the following day!!!! What!!!!!! But the cashier gave me options: to get a ticket but wait as a chance passenger for a regular air conditioned bus ride which is 475 pesos or get a chance passenger ticket for a "Special Air Conditioned Bus" which is 915 pesos. So I chose the special bus. Along with a prayer while waiting at the passenger's lounge. It was a blessing that at 11:30pm there were still slots for the Special bus (that means scheduled passengers did not came on time) so we are given 4 slots. Thank God we are seated at last, even if I paid 915 pesos for each of us, we had the best comfortable seat because Special buses only had 24 (if i am not mistaken) passengers on board, special reclining seat, snacks and best of all it has its own toilet. It was our first time to ride that... My son even told me that the comfort is like riding an airplane because it has a cabin crew! (really a uniformed lady cabin crew!). My husband, kids and I had a very relaxing ride. Finally, at 3:30am we arrived at Baguio City! Learned from our ticketing experience, we immediately booked ourselves for a bus ticket that we will use on our way back to Manila.

We reached Hotel Supreme so early of our booking time so they just allowed us to leave our bags and when we come back we can have our early check-in at 6am. We went out to go to Baguio City proper to eat our breakfast, went to Burnham Park and back to our hotel. We rested for a while and off we go to Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet. I really want my kids to experience strawberry picking. We paid 200 pesos for a half kilo freshly picked strawberry. Although it is really expensive but what I am paying is the experience! After picking we saw Strawberry flavored ice cream! and YUM it was really delicious. I also like the Sagada Oranges. At the farm they also sell fresh vegetables.

Next stop is the Tam-Awan Village, "Garden in the Sky" it is a reconstructed Cordillera Village showcasing the traditional Ifugao huts, and Baguio's art and culture scene. My husband got a chance to dance with our igorot brothers. At Tam-awan village, be ready for a mountain climb. This place is for nature lovers and people who loves to see our culture. Some sort of an educational trip for my kids too. Entrance fee for adults is 40 pesos and 20 pesos for the kids. When you get to the highest point of Garden in the Sky... you will see how beautiful Benguet and Baguio is.

Our Last stop for our Day 1 is the Baguio Tree Top Adventure which i bought from www.metrodeals.com. This adventure camp was inside Camp John Hay. I paid 175 pesos for the Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer and Funicular ride, which is supposed to be 350 pesos. (It pays to be always online for good deals!). My husband and son enjoyed the rides while me and my daughter enjoyed trekking and sight seeing.

On our 2nd day, who would not forget to go to Mines View Park, Wright Park, The Mansion, Good Shepherd's Convent (where the famous Ube Jam was made by the sisters of the convent), The Mansion, and Philippine Military Academy. After all of those, we ended up going to SM Baguio were we ate our snack and bought our dinner as we went back to the Hotel. Kids were excited as to finally they will get a chance to swim until we end our day 2 and even before we left hotel the following morning. It was a time for us to bond as a family, and that is what I value most. Time well spent until we went back to Bulacan and kids will start their school year again.

After seeing all beautiful places in Baguio.. at the end of the day.. I can't stop praising God for all the things that He has done.

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