Friday, September 18, 2015

Food Review: GoodAh!!! Welcomes Boy Abunda

When television talk show host / celebrity Boy Abunda  was just starting his career way back 1980's, he was a regular at GoodAh!!!, they are the ONLY restaurant that has a "25-hour"  quick service that served rice meals and congee.

GoodAh!!!! Was a concept ahead of it's time in the local dining industry when it opened some 33 years ago. In fact, Its tagline "Open 25 hours" is really an assurance that people from all walks of life; from office workers, to jeepney drivers, had a place to go no matter what time of the day or night for their "lugaw or goto" (congee), and who wouldn't want the popular breakfast among Filipinos, namely tapa, Tocino, and longanisa paired with sinangag (fried rice) and fried egg. It was GoodAh!!! who coined the term  "Tapsi" to refer an order of Tapa and sinangag. The addition of fried egg to the rice meal was then known as "TapSiLog".

Through the years, their menu has expanded to include a variety if Filipino favorites that are now staples in eateries and restaurants throughout the country. Aside from the Tapsilog, they also have ToSiLog (Tocino), LongSiLog ( Longanisa), AdSiLog (Adobo), and BangSiLog (Daing na Bangus) all with SInangag and itLOG to match the meal.

It is not hard for Boy Abunda to decide when invited to became a business partner of GoodAh!!! He didn't hesitate in accepting the offer. In a way, it was his life coming to full circle: from being a regular customer to becoming a business partner to the restaurant he loved.

Boy's favorite at GoodAh!!! Has always been their Bistek. (The favorite pinoy dish of stir-fried tender beef marinated in soy sauce and citrus). Boy loves to cook and. Has his own recipe for bistek that he is sharing with GoodAh!!! In fact,the restaurant has adopted Boy's version of bistek for its restaurants and renaming it as GoodAh!!! Boy's Bistek in his honor. They also have most loved Filipino dishes and desserts. Their halo halo is topped with grated cheese.

Leche Flan

Special Goto
Chicken Barbeque


Halo Halo
At GoodAh!!! they have friendly, accommodating staff. I also found interesting things, their chairs, it has a funny note at the back of each chair. And even their washrooms which they labeled as "Kubetah". I find it funny and very catchy. Food concept of a store who caters from different walks of life. Everyone can relate!

After 33 yrs, GoodAh!!! is set to redefine the restaurant landscape with its patent brand of quick meals and personalized service with a casual dining ambience. It is a dining institution that today's millenials will surely embrace with its delicious value for money meals, just as many Pinoy food lovers had in the past.

GoodAh!!! already has six branches at Bicutan, Eastwood, Gate 5, Market Market, Metrowalk and Sucat. So come and visit the nearest GoodAh!!! branch near you, or you call for delivery.

Call now for Delivery: Call 4-707070
Instagram: instagram/GoodahPh

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